My Black is Transnational


Processing My Transnational Trauma

In response to the recent events related to the protests and massacres in Nigeria, Dr. Ibe-Lamberts openly shares his thoughts about how these events affect Black Transnationals in the diaspora who are watching and affected by these events.  Follow us […]

S2E18 – Gotaflika

2020 Independent-Music Award Winning Artist Gotaflika joins Dr. Ibe-Lamberts to discuss his transnational experiences, including migration from Ghana, his assimilation to the U.S., his campaign for water sanitation efforts in Africa, and his deep love and commitment to music and […]

Daddy-Daughter Talk II

This is the second annual episode of the Daddy Daughter Talk,  where Dr. Ibe-Lamberts has a conversation with a very special guest —his daughter Alicia, who is now a year older and a year wiser.  The two have a very […]