My Black is Transnational

Season 2

S2E20 (Season Finale) – 3 Murders, 2 Pandemics, 1 Black Nation, 0 Cures?? What a Finale!!

In the season 2 finale, Dr. Ibe-Lamberts holds no punches as he discusses at length the troubling issues killing Black people in an already bizarre year 2020, 1) COVID-19 disease and 2) Racism against Blacks. TIME TO GET REAL!! He discusses why health disparities and social inequities/injustices affect both African-Americans and Black immigrants/transnational; why we should embrace the Black rage as an appropriate response to current displays of racist acts in America and not subscribe to the tactics of our predecessors in the 60s; and why Black immigrants can no longer sit this one out.  It’s time to shake the room…and the world! That and more!

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