My Black is Transnational


Episode 5- Going Mental…..Health

Special Guest Mrs. (future Dr.) Latifat Cabirou joins Dr. Ibe-Lamberts to discuss the topic of mental health and stress among African immigrants and African Americans. Issues such as race-related stress, acculturative stress, therapy, stigmas coping strategies and more are covered […]

Episode 3 – My Food is Transnational

Dr. Ibe-Lamberts discusses how transnationalism interacts with food and health in the Transnational and overarching Black community. Email us at Guests My Black is Transnational Dr. Kelechi Ibe-Lamberts Creator/Host

Episode 1 – Transnationalism 101

On the inaugural episode of this podcast, host Dr. Kelechi Ibe-Lamberts gives a scattered overview on the concept of transnationalism and how it applies to various populations, especially the Black population in America. Email us at     . […]