My Black is Transnational

The Mass Liberation Project (MassLib) is a political home for those who have experienced incarceration and their families to build transformative relationships, experience healing and organizing strategies for the abolition of the criminal legal system and Black prosperity. MassLib combines worldview development and grassroots organizing skills to yield measurable transformation that is buoyed by deep relationships and directly-impacted led institutions. MassLib is focused on building the abolitionist movement in Black directly-impacted communities. Collectly, we work to expand our movement-building space to be inclusive of black LGBTQIA+ and varying abilities.

Our principles and values function as a center, guiding the way we work, including how we combat white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and ageism. Our principles include: Black Liberation, Abolition, movement driven by directly impacted people, transformative justice, harm reduction, movement and power building and reciprocity.

Alex Muhammad, Chicago Illinois native, serves MassLib as Co Founder and lead for training and elections. Brandon Sturdivant, Oakland California native, serves MassLib as Co Founder and lead on fundraising, communications and Return & Reclaim

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