My Black is Transnational

Season 5

S5E10 – Running the Race Together: African Americans and the Diaspora in Sports w/ Tony Gill

Join us in this episode as Dr. Ibe-Lamberts is joined by Tony Gill, Producer at NBC Sports Chicago and The Ringer, as they take a deep dive into a conversation about culture, identity, family and sports. Tony discuss his personal identity as a son, husband and father to be.

They also discuss Black athletes, from the African continent to the United States. Discover the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences that shape their stories, both on and off the field. We explore the challenges, triumphs, and the powerful sense of unity that binds AfricanAmericans and the global Black diaspora within the world of sports. This is an inspiring conversation about resilience, excellence, and the future of Black athletes in the sports world.

That and more!


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