My Black is Transnational

Season 4

S4E2- “Raising African Immigrants in America”: Part 1 of an Intergenerational Conversation between African Immigrants and their Children

This is a special, collaborated episode that was recorded live with PansaPansa Podcast. 

African Immigrant parents and children need to have a real conversation—a real heart-to-heart that our culture sometimes never permits for whatever reason. A lot of us who grew up in African Immigrant homes (or just immigrant homes in general) have upbringings that we relate to and sometimes commiserate about. We’ve done a few episodes about this in season 2. There is a generational gap, sometimes fueled by tension and other times simply a disconnect because of a lack of understanding. Children don’t know what their parents are going through while raising them and parents always don’t allow their relationship with their children to evolve as their children grow older. It’s a dynamic that only those who live it, understand it. But our parents are getting older and we still need to find ways to learn lessons from one another, to heal. So with @pansa.pansaforum and @bridgingafricansblackamericans, we developed a three-part series to make this bring this conversation to you. This is part 1. See how it’s broken down below and stay tuned for part 2 coming up.

To join the upcoming conversation, go to

  • Part 1 – Parents speak (Dec. 4th, 2021)
  • Part 2 – children speak (Jan. 29th, 2022)
  • Part 3 – Both listen to one another (TBD)


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